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I layout the Connecting Threads catalog, as well as do book design. I'm a quilter who loves coordinating fabric prints, and I tend to be drawn to 'open' or 'negative space' quilt designs with a variety of quilting. The Modern quilting world is appealing, but I'm just as passionate about the history of quilting, especially during the turn of the century.

Recent Posts by Jenna

    Gifty Galore: Peas in the Pod Pincushion

    I love really small projects, so I decided to sew up this for our Gifty Galore project. Some of you guessed it on our Quilt Along group on Quilt With Us. It's the "Peas in the Pod" pincushion from the book, Super Cute Pincushions!

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    Holiday Rose Mini Quilt

    Hi all! I wanted to share with you my most recent project from the book, No Sewing Until You Quilt It by Ann R. Holmes. This book is great for unleashing your inner creativity. I love this book because Ann has packed in a lot of great ideas for working and designing your own quilts using freezer-paper. 

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    Use fabric to make Thank You cards

    I love making my own cards for others. I think adding a touch of something you make is sometimes like a gift in itself. Sometimes I browse through my stash for scraps to glue onto blank cards, and save them for a later date. I bought a charm pack of Tulane and I knew the design of these urban, gritty, and bold fabrics would make a nice design for a thank you card for my dad. 

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    Modern Minimal by Alissa Haight Carlton

    As a graphic designer, I can never get enough negative space. Space lets you breath. Even with quiltmaking I find myself attracted to such 'open' quilts as in Alissa Haight Carlton’s book, Modern Minimal. Her designs are very simple, and as a result, most of the projects can be sewn up in one or two sittings.

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    My “3 Little Birds” embroidery pattern by Sarah Jane

    As soon as I saw Sarah Jane’s 3 Little Birds Embroidery Pattern I fell in love with it; I knew this would make the perfect tea towel to remind me to chase away the winter blues. Her pattern is inspired by Bob Marley’s song, “Three Little Birds.” I love Bob Marley. This is most likely because my mom used to play reggae music for me when I was a happy, bouncing baby in my Johnny Jump Up.

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    Gifty Galore 2011: Style File

    I like to sew up anything practical, so bags are a personal favorite of mine. I made this cute style file (or zippered portfolio case) from the book, Bags, Pillows & Pincushions. At first I thought maybe I would not use batiks for this project, but then I couldn't get over how pretty it might look in beautiful (bright!) fall colors. So, I paired up some red, orange, purple, and pink batiks, and got to work.

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    April Block of the Month: Inspired by Mt.Hood

    Check out my design for April's block of the month! I chose to design a classic Northwest icon-Mt.Hood. If you have never been through the Gorge, you don't know what you are missing. The magestic view of Mt.Hood is amazing; on a clear day she displays her beauty from almost angle.

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    My First Quilt…

    Ok seriously, it's not that hard! I don't know what I was so worried about. It's true, this is my first quilt, but I've been sewing small projects here and there since I was a teenager. Here's a sneak peak!

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