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I layout the Connecting Threads catalog, as well as do book design. I'm a quilter who loves coordinating fabric prints, and I tend to be drawn to 'open' or 'negative space' quilt designs with a variety of quilting. The Modern quilting world is appealing, but I'm just as passionate about the history of quilting, especially during the turn of the century.

Recent Posts by Jenna

    Sewing the Long Shorts Pattern in our Liberty for All Fabric

    Here at Connecting Threads, we get the pleasure of testing and sewing patterns for photography. I sewed these for my 2-year old daughter, Hannah, in the Liberty for All! fabrics. I’m not a garment sewer, but this pattern by Sewing Sue is a quick and easy project that even I could follow. The pockets on the sides are perfect for collecting ...

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    Hand Lettering Type and Embroidery Part 1

    Besides sewing and quilting, I have an extreme love for typography and design. I’ve been drawing my whole life, but hand-drawn lettering has become a new favorite hobby. It takes quite a bit of patience to refine and develop my hand to become a true hand lettering master, but I love practicing almost every day! A lot of times, I find inspiration on Pinterest.

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    Color Theory and Quilting Inspiration

    In my opinion, one of the truest ways to explore color theory for quilts is within the surroundings of nature. When I look closely, I see all kinds of imaginative colors! Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to have frequent beautiful rainbows after a rain shower. One of my other favorite places to explore color theory is with the website, Design Seeds. It’s such an amazing place to find color inspiration! You can explore and find photos starting with just one color that strikes your ...

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    quilting book
    Behind the Scenes: Bits & Pieces book

    Hi I’m Jenna and I’m the Catalog Manager for Connecting Threads, which means I get to put all the text and photos together like a big puzzle. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty proficient with a program called Adobe InDesign and laying out the catalog–and I enjoy what I do quite a bit! Nonetheless, I was super excited when I was asked to layout our first book of our exclusive quilt patterns titled Bits and Pieces.  Inside you’ll find patterns that ...

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    Gifty Galore – Project 21

    Hi everyone! This week’s Gifty Galore project is the Circle Zip Earbud Pouch by Erin Erickson. Ta-da! I love them! The finished project. This project is perfect for anyone because those earbuds are always getting tangled, right? I know mine are. These little circle zip pouches can be made in a flash. I only wish I had sewn more of ...

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    Plethora of Pillows: Painter’s Palette Pillow

    For my Plethora of Pillows project, I chose to sew a pattern called Painter’s Palette Pillow by Laura Jane Taylor. It’s an easy, no-applique scrappy project sewists and quilters will love. You’ll find the pattern in this book. Pillows! I chose a 20″ x 20″ pillow form that we sell and they are the softest ...

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    Behind the scenes of a catalog photoshoot part 2

    Take a look! The kits sewn up in Friendship Patchwork by Jody Houghton were really fun to shoot. We found a location in Portland off of the popular site, airbnb. For this shoot, we wanted to have some nice options with lots of room to style a variety of projects from bags to a large Bordered Art Panel. We shot the Color Me Crayons quilt over the large craftsman porch, but we needed to fill in a little more light. Here you ...

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    A Book Review: Modern Quilt Perspectives by Thomas Knauer

    I wanted to share with you a gem of a book that we carry: Thomas Knauer’s Modern Quilt Perspectives. When I first saw this book, I thought it might be just another modern quilt pattern book. As the title accurately describes, this book is full of perspectives. It’s more of a quilting art appreciation book, with strong ties to social ...

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    My “20-minute” Quilt Made With Hampton Hues

    I’m making a quilt, and boy is it taking a long long time. I had originally planned on having this quilt top finished before this blog was scheduled to go up, but life gets in the way! I’m sewing up this lovely Double Crossed Quilt Pattern by Amy Smart with a mix of my stash and Hampton Hues fabric collection. Amy Smart’s Double Crossed Quilt Pattern

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    Behind the Scenes of a Catalog Photoshoot

    You might remember a previous post, “Behind the Scenes at Connecting Threads: meet Jenna, the Catalog Manager” where I talked about my job and what I do. Well, this blog post is kind of an extension to this. I’ve taken over doing the quilt photography from Jenni, our fabric designer. Styling and shooting quilts is definitely a team effort, and it takes quite a bit of planning, styling, and patience. We have a new team member, Dawn, who ...

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