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Quilting is my passion! I have been a quilter for over 20 years and a quilt instructor, quilt designer and pattern writer for over 7 years. At Connecting Threads, my job includes designing and writing new patterns as well as recoloring and updating older patterns for upcoming fabric collections. As a quilter who loves many styles of fabric and techniques, I am always on the lookout for new toys...Oops! I mean tools. It is fun to discover a clever new notion or quilt book to expand one's creativity.

Recent Posts by Ann

    Pineapple Ruler – Pineapple Pillow

    EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler I was recently asked to test EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler, a new product on the CT website. I wanted to finish the project and tell you about it because this specialty ruler is still on sale for a few more days! The EZ Quilting Pineapple Ruler instructions called for using an assortment of 1-1/2″ strips. I had lots of ...

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    Valentine Table Topper Idea

    Do you need another project to whip up quickly? No? Well, me neither –  but I do love this little table topper! It is called Pretty in Pink by Patrick Lose; I found the pattern in his new book Year Around Quilting with Patrick Lose. I don’t know if I will have time to work on the table topper ...

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    Furoshiki Follow-Up

    This blog is a follow-up to my posting about Furoshiki Fun on November 25th. To read more about my plan to use fabric to wrap my Christmas presents in the manner of Japanese furoshiki wrapping clothes, click here. You will see photos of several different knots to try. First, I needed to cut fabric squares. Mostly, I used holiday batiks from the Batik Paradise Novelties ...

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    Yo-Yo Lollipop Christmas Ornament

    While doing an internet search, I came across a fun idea on the Sew What’s New website for a Lollipop Christmas Ornament by Crouton Crackerjacks. To view the helpful video tutorial for making the ornament, click here. When you watch the video and read my steps below, you will see some slight variations, but the ...

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    Pin Cushion in a Cup

    Okay – so making a pin cushion out of a cup is not a new idea. The reason for this one is, well – I found a cute (and free!) grey cup and saucer in the photo department’s prop give-away. Since my quilt studio is done in yellow and grey, it was logical that, all of a sudden, I needed a new pin cushion! I did ...

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    Yo-Yo Ornaments

    I enjoy making Yo-Yos, so I thought I would “whip up” some Yo-Yo ornaments I saw in a recent issue of Quilter’s World called Quilting for the Holidays. I decided to make two of each while I was at it so I could share some as gifts. Being an avid home cook as well as quilter, I spend a lot of time visiting recipe ...

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    Furoshiki Fun

    As Christmas approaches, I have started thinking about wrapping presents with fabric. Each year we throw away so much wrapping paper – what a waste! Please join me as I learn about traditional Japanese wrapping cloths called furoshiki. Japanese Furoshiki For centuries, the Japanese used large squares of fabric called furoshiki (foo-roe-shkee) to bundle up their clothes at public baths or make bags ...

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    My Favorite 0.4 mm Patchwork Pins are Here!

     Clover Patchwork Pins 0.4 mm CT recently started carrying the 0.4 mm version of Clover Patchwork Pins. I kept asking for them and now we have them! At .4mm x 36 mm, these are my absolute favorite straight pins for piecing quilts. Why do I LOVE these 0.4 mm pins? Let me count the ways… They are very sharp and fine! They glide easily through quilting ...

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    Royal Tea Fabric Project Ideas

    Royal Tea is such a lovely, sophisticated fabric collection! I would like to tell you about the three quilted projects I worked on for this collection. Echoes Table Runner For Echoes Table Runner, 13″ x 40-1/2″, I chose the following Royal Tea and Quilter’s Candy Basics fabrics:

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    Christmas Candy Ornaments

      I know, I know… it is not even Halloween yet – but it is not too early to start making Christmas decorations! I decided to get an early start with the cute Christmas Candy Ornaments pattern by Cotton Way. The instructions say to layer the top fabric RS up, then batting and a layer of muslin on the bottom. I substituted Solid White for the muslin with ...

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