I manage the Designer Downloads on the website. What a great thrill it was to get the Designer Download program up and running. It is great to work with so many talented designers. I love the continual inspiration I get from the creative people I work with, now if I could just find the time to get to that stack of quilting projects awaiting me…

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    Quick Projects for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but don’t worry I have come up with a few ways to use your stash along with a quick download pattern to make Valentine’s Day extra special.  These projects can be completed in a day or two.

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    I stippled and I didn’t hate it!

    I stippled and I didn't hate it! Don’t you love it when you have a productive weekend of projects?  I had such a weekend last weekend. As a newer quilter, my greatest wish is to become better at free-motion quilting, especially stippling.

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    Gifty – Starlight Table Topper

    This Starlight Table Topper Pattern by Loraine Manwaring and Susan Nelsen from the book Holiday Wrappings, has been a favorite of mine since this downloadable pattern went up on our website.  So, when it was chosen for Gifty, I snatched up the opportunity to do this project.  Once the cutting is complete, the project actually sews up pretty fast and can be completed in 1-3 days depending on your experience and speed. 

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    Gifty – Lazy Holly Days

    I saw the Holly Days table runner in the book Quilt Lovers Gifts.  It also had a 2nd option of this cute 16” table topper.Well since I am lazy (we’ll discuss this more in detail later), I decided the smaller project was more to my liking.

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    Sleep Matt II in Bookish

    Hello everyone, my name is Kimberly Purdy, and my company Lilac Cottage Designs is a new independent designer with Connecting Threads.  The picture is of one of my designs, the Sleep Mat II.  It’s a blanket, mat, and pillow all in one.  It rolls up so that you can quickly take it with you for daycare or sleepovers.

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    Sue Marsh, Designer Interview

    Sue Marsh of Whistlepig Creek is one of our most popular download pattern designers.  I thought it was time for a designer spotlight all about Sue.  Here is what we found out about her.  I especially love her advice to new quilters.  Read more to see her advice…

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    Designer Downloads for Circle of Family

    Circle of Family by Jody Houghton is one of those fabric lines that not only remind me of everything good about family, it also reminds me about everything good about summer time.  We have 5 great Designer Downloads that were designed specifically to go with this great fabric line.

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    Maple Skies Pattern Downloads

    The colors and prints of Maple Skies remind me of bright autumn days.  We don’t get many of those up here in the Northwest, so it is nice to have a fabric to help me remember those beautiful days with warm colors and crisp air.  This week for your Designer Download Patterns, I wanted to pick out a few of those patterns that a would help you bring a little of that Autumn magic into your home.

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