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    Just in time for the Superbowl!

    When our super snuggly and soft flannel basics arrived, I knew I wanted to create something with them, but was a little hesitant on doing a larger project as I have never worked with flannel before. I wanted a simpler project that would give me the experience that I needed, but also a finished product. The perfect solution for this was the Rookie Quarterback Baby Quilt by the Robinson Pattern Company. While I'm not a huge football fan, I know plenty of people who are so this will make a great gift when the time comes. Or, I'll just hold on to it for the next time the Buffalo Bills make it to the Superbowl (ha!). I might be holding on to it for a while if that's the case...

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    National Organizational Month: Boxing Up Your Fabric Stash

    I’m in the midst of organizing my sewing area and all of my crafty possessions. The biggest aspect of this project was trying to come up with a solution for my ever-growing collection of fabric. Though my stash may be small in comparison to many of you seasoned quilters, it certainly overpowers my tiny sewing area. After I found my cat sleeping in a bag of fabric I had left out, I decided it was definitely time to get the piles out of cat-accessible bags and into usable (and easily expandable) storage. If you’re like me and don’t have enough room to have your stash stored on beautiful shelves for the world to see, but rather need to tuck them away in a closet or any nook you can find, then boxing up your fabric might be a good solution for you. I searched around online for cheap storage bin options and found just what I was looking for at Ikea. I like my boxes and bins to be nice and uniform so they fit together snug and look good doing it. I ended up getting a fair amount of boxes for under $20 and they just so happened to have polka dots. Cheap and cute – that’s how I roll!

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    Introducing Rose Manor

    Rose Manor, is an elegant collection that exudes sophistication. These are typically not things that are up my alley (I’m generally more of a modern girl), however, I find myself wanting to be immersed in a huge pile of these fabrics. The colors have a beautifully soft, yet vibrant vintage touch coalesced with graceful rosebuds, scrolls, leaves and vines. When brought together, these fabrics produce some truly stunning quilts and other small projects.

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    My Very First Quilt…Top!

    You might have noticed that we recently came out with a bunch of new stash builders with some great color combinations. I instantly gravitated toward the yellows and grays in “Clouds and Sunshine”. It’s such a beautiful and soft combination of prints and colors. I just love it! Mari just so happened to have a new pattern (Half-Square Triangle Fun) that needed testing, so I bravely stood up and volunteered to do a test. As a result, I have now officially started quilting. Hurray!

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    eCozy Palooza

    For my second Gifty Galore project, I wanted to make a gift for someone else (go figure!). Last year, my friend’s husband bought her an e-reader and Connecting Threads just so happens to have a bunch of e-reader cover patterns from Whistlepig Creek Productions. I’m much more traditional in the sense that I prefer my books to be actual books, but since my friend already crossed over into the other book world I figured I would give some life (and protection) to her digital monstrosity! I made up the eCozy Palooza Pattern using a combination of Technicolor Tidings prints and Bookish. The pattern calls for two coordinating fat quarters, but I used a few scraps I had and incorporated a few prints (rather than just the two).

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    Hello Yo-Yo

    Clover yo-yo makers are such a great tool! Because they are something our team has been playing with a lot lately, Jenna and I thought it would be fun to let you know just how expansive the world of yo-yos can be! For those who don't know...this is a yo-yo. Isn't it oh-so cute?! What sort of crazy yo-yo ideas do you have to share? If you're new to the yo-yo world, click here to see our tutorial.

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    Aye Aye Captain!

    Sometimes you just need to stare at something for a few weeks before you actually decide to work on it. I had a stack of Smooth Sailing fat quarters sitting on my desk at home. Quite a lovely stack just as it was, however it apparently wanted to be made into something. A few weeks ago I decided I was going to cut right into the fabrics and sew up a little something. The project was still undecided at that point, but I started prepping my workspace and racking my brain for a quick and easy idea to make with these beautiful nautical fabrics.  

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    Modern Patchwork with Elizabeth Hartman

    One of the first quilting blogs that I fell in love with was Elizabeth Hartman's Oh Fransson (www.OhFransson.com). I am intrigued by her variety of style and subject matter. She offers a lot of techniques and quilt-alongs for some really cute projects. When I heard we were getting her newest book, Modern Patchwork, I was really excited to get my hands on it.

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    The Tale of the Bookish Skirt

    Meet Heidi. Heidi loves books. No, let me rephrase that...Heidi is obsessed with books. The girl read War and Peace (twice) when she was 16! Needless to say, when Heidi first saw the new Bookish fabrics, she was super excited. This is Heidi super excited. Note: the fabric bundle she is holding is blurred in the photo because she wouldn't stop shaking it excitedly.

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    Set your sights on Smooth Sailing

    When I first saw Jenni’s Smooth Sailing collection, I instantly fell in love. The way she brought so much variety to a red, white and blue color scheme, and the adorable graphics really make this a gorgeous collection. I can’t get enough of the focal print and find myself dreaming of many different projects to use it with. This collection makes up some beautiful quilts, but also has many other wonderful uses. One of the first ideas given to us was by Anita, who dreamed up the great idea to put together a quilt block and frame it. What a fun way to update your bathroom! Just look at how cute this block looks from the Sail Away pattern download by Jo-Lydia's Attic.   

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