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    Our First-Ever Calendar!

    If you don't already know, next year will be Connecting Threads' 20th anniversary. We're pretty excited about that! To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to do something a little special. We wanted to make sure that whatever we did, we could share it with all of you, too! We were looking for something that was both aesthetically pleasing while still remaining useful. With everyone's lives getting busier and busier, we figured a calendar would be just the ticket.

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    Winners of the Color Theory Giveaway!

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Color Theory Giveaway! Using a random number generator, we have selected our two winners! Runner-up prize winner will receive their choice of a Quilter's Candy Solid Fat Quarter Sampler (they may choose from: Berry Patch, Oceanfront, and Foliage). Our runner-up prize winner is comment #122: Judy S.Her comment: Decisions, decisions! I can't decide between the green family or the yellows to oranges. Either one makes me happy. The grand-prize winner will receive an Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, a Fons & Porter Design Wall, and a Swatch Buddies 24 card swatch fan. Our grand prize winner is comment #144: Evelyn F.Her comment: WOW! Tough decision, but will have to go with the Foliage colors as I think about projects for Autumn. Thanks again to everyone who participated and followed along each week. We have emailed our winners and as soon as we hear back, we will send out their prizes. Congratulations to our two winners!

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    Color Theory Wrap-Up & Giveaway!

    I hope that you've found some useful information over the past few weeks with our color theory posts. The most important part of using and understanding color is having fun with it! Remember that color theory isn't a strict set of rules, but more of a guide to help you better your method of choosing and placing fabric in your quilts. I wanted to leave you with a few resources of inspiration, fun, and reference. Two websites I actually just found myself that are great for color scheme inspiration are: www.ColourLovers.com and www.ColorSchemeDesigner.com. Don't forget about our Design Table! It's a great resource for comparing our fabrics right online.

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    Gifty Galore – A Bunch of Crosses pillow

    This Gifty Galore project is from the Pillow Pop book by Heather Bostic. This book is full of fun and fabulous pillows, and perfect for scraps! There were quite a few pillows that caught my eye, but I really liked the bold graphic look of the "A Bunch of Crosses" pillow and knew it would go well with the cider-sipping feeling of Sun Kissed Harvest.

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    What Color Evokes

    Color is not just something that is aesthetically pleasing—it can influence us in ways we never dreamed. Our moods and perceptions can be altered significantly with the use of color. Color and placement can make or break your connection to the project and it can also help create harmony and a sense of continuity. Knowing what emotions are typically evoked by certain color families might even assist you with your color choices.

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    Creating Contrast

    Whether you're working with an already existing pattern or creating your own, one of the most important elements is the overall composition (the arrangement or organization of the visual elements). Color is not the only thing that will affect the balance, but it is a very important part and can be very impactful. An important part of creating a successful composition is relying on contrast. Contrast is the opposition of different colors, lines, shapes, textures, etc. to provide movement and intensity. You can make color work for you by intuitively incorporating prints and texture while taking into account their effect on the balance and composition.Contrast determines visual heirarchy—in other words, the order in which we perceive what we're looking at. Areas with higher contrast are seen and recognized first. This can be very useful when trying to highlight a particular block or area of a pattern. Have you ever had the experience of falling in love with a pattern, but when you selected your fabrics it just didn't seem to have the same oomph? Chances are you were lacking the same level of contrast as the original fabrics shown.

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    Color Schemes

    Last week we started introducing you to the basics of color theory with some definitions to help you understand more in-depth principles. These definitions will help you as we introduce new lessons in the coming weeks. Today, I wanted to introduce you to some basic color schemes that might inspire a new combination within your stash. Color schemes combine colors to create an aesthetic that will more often than not look appealing together. Some color schemes are simply two colors, while some involve several colors. No matter the color scheme you choose, they're a great starting point for trying new combinations.

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    Color Breakdown

    When it comes to choosing fabric we all know where our own individual tastes and preferences lie. Whether you tend towards a modern or traditional aesthetic, or like a little bit of everything, the one thing that can challenge a lot of people is finding a way to combine colors in a pleasing and functional way. Throughout the month of July, we are going to be providing some insight into the world of color and how it can help take your quilts to the next level.

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    Gifty Galore – Happy Hexagon Trivets

    I recently did a book review for Ayumi Takahashi's Patchwork, Please! and fell in love with all of the fun projects. I was very pleased to find that this book was one of our options for Gifty Galore this year! Before opening the book again, I already knew I wanted to make the Happy Hexagon Trivets. I had not yet ventured into the world of paper piecing, but was assured by my always encouraging co-workers that I would be able to handle it.

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    Meet Katrina, Graphic Designer for Connecting Threads

    Hello out there! My name is Katrina and I am the graphic designer for Connecting Threads. I started at Crafts Americana in January of 2012 as a non-quilter and pretty oblivious to the vast world of fabric. I have been a graphic designer for almost five years, but have never been in love with the subject/products that I work around like I am with Connecting Threads. I’ve come to appreciate and love the art of quilting and my fondness for fabric has grown exponentially. It might even be a bit dangerous as I can’t even walk by fabric without touching it now…

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