August Itty Bitty

Aug 12

The August Itty Bitty was a challenge for me, not in the way you would think. It was the most, uh, how shall I put this, plain of all the Itty Bitty’s. I really had a hard time transferring it into wool and I finally came up with an option that I loved!!! Wahoo! Below are links to all the tools I used to make this Itty Bitty

I used all wool for this Itty Bitty following the pattern instruction for choosing fabrics except for the following: flannel was used for the backing, binding, and sleeve.  The background was cut at 6-1/2″ square and I fused a woven interfacing to the back for stability. I also cut a 4″ square yellow, hand-dyed piece for the center of the leaf.

Aug 1

I didn’t want a square cut from the corner as in the traditional leaf block, so I used a saucer from the cupboard and cut a curved shape out of the corner. I measured 2″ down on each side to the saucer and with the rotary cutter, cut the curved shape out.

Aug 2

It worked great!

Aug 3

I picked out four other fabrics to make up the leaf. They were cut at 2″ and then cut once diagonally. I auditioned them and loved how it was taking shape! The stem was just a black 3/8″ wide piece. It’ll be trimmed later.

Aug 4

The handwork begins! First, the stem is stitched down and trimmed, then the leaf center. Handwork is my favorite part, and I used a blanket stitch throughout! Valdani size 12 variegated pearl cotton was the choice for thread. The main reason I use a fusible woven interfacing under the background wool is because it gets a lot of handling with all the needlework, and it was a concern the wool would get stretched out of shape. Wool is so soft and malleable.

Aug 5

The leaves were stitched down beginning with the side that touches the main part of the leaf to make sure there is no gap between them.

Aug 6

Now to stitch down the final two leaf points!

Aug 7

All stitched down!

Aug 8

The binding was stitched on with a little hanging sleeve. I didn’t quilt it as it just didn’t seem to need it.

Aug 9

Ta-da! Handsome, huh? I love it!!!

Aug 10

It displays so beautifully!

Aug 11



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  1. Kaley - May 3, 2016

    I'm sorry, you had me at shoes. There was I, happily reading and then a picture of a pretty black high heel was before me and all I could think was &#s&s0;shoooes…..shoooeeee8sss2ss2#8221;. Sigh.