April Little Quilt

April Little Quilt Fab

It’s time for the April Little Quilt to go live! And, this quilt is a cinch to sew up! Created from the Primitive Pennies collection, April Little Quilt oozes with rich, deep color in a very elementary design. You will love how quickly this kit is to construct. So, lets get those machines cleaned and oiled, and bobbins ready because you won’t stop once you get started!

I chose to make my version of the April Little Quilt from the Settlement collection by Windham Hill fabrics. You are getting a sneak peak as that collection goes live tomorrow! So, be watching tomorrow! It’s a beautiful collection!

AprLQ Image 1

The block is constructed from four main fabrics with two additional fabrics for the background. Once the fabrics are paired off you can begin sewing the background squares to the main fabric squares.

AprLQ Image 7

I prefer to draw a line on the bed of my sewing machine (in this case tape) instead of on each small square to guide the fabric through for the diagonal seam line. SO much quicker. Go slow at first. I have a drawn line here to demonstrate how it is fed through the machine. It works quite well. When the square hits the silver metal of course the line ends, however, if you keep your eye on the needle instead of the fabric, you will have no trouble feeding exactly to the corner. Much like how you use your eyes when driving a car around a corner. Always keep your eyes ahead.

AprLQ Image 2

Each main fabric square has two background fabric squares sewn to opposite, diagonal corners.

AprLQ Image 3

Once all four main fabrics are sewn, it is time to press and cut, and press again. I really like to press before cutting as the sewn piece lays quite well for cutting.

AprLQ Image 4

I love this shape. It would really look good in a quilt design, right?! Perhaps a modern one. Oh, dear, I see the beginnings of a new quilt design!

AprLQ Image 5

All pressed, each of the four fabrics are now paired up with their background fabric. By-the-way, when I constructed this I found that, contrary to the “written word” in the pattern, it was easier to press the red/background seams opposite the blue/background seams at this stage. The corners will nest together better.

AprLQ Image 6

I just had to add this pic because I love how beautiful the fabric is and how perfect each little square lines up with the other. Simply gorgeous! Yeah, I know, I’m a quilter. Who else would get this kind of joy out of something so mundane. LOL! April 6th is the next installment of our April Little Quilt project and a pic of the finished quilt. At that time the downloadable pattern will be available. Enjoy!



  1. Kathleen - March 23, 2015

    That does look like a pretty collection of fabric!

  2. nancy bedard - March 24, 2015

    Gorgeous fabric and great pattern. Love it!

  3. Linda Froggie - March 26, 2015

    I don’t think it’s mundane, Mari! Looking at all the blocks lined up like that makes me feel good, too. Non quilters wouldn’t get it, though. I can’t wait for the download pattern.
    Thanks for another great mini.
    ~Joyful Hopppy Quilting~

    • Mari - March 26, 2015

      Awe, thank you Froggie!