Ann’s Giveaway Winners!

This past Friday, Ann talked about a great book and gave two lucky folks the opportunity to win New Classic Patchwork by Yoko Saito and a fat quarter sampler from our Lasting Legacies collection.


We had a really great response and after running a random number generator, we are excited to announce the winners:


Letty of Happy Dance Quilting (Comment number 371)


Arlene Conklin (Comment number 225)


Congratulations to the both of you, we have emailed you and look forward to shipping the Lasting Legacies fat quarter sampler and Yoko Saito’s book to each of you as soon as we hear back with your mailing addresses.


Be sure to check out the Lasting Legacies fabric and Yoko Saito’s book, our 40% off book sale is still going until tomorrow!


  1. Arlene Conklin - April 28, 2014

    So excited I was a selected winner! Thank you! I’m looking forward to using the fanfic in an upcoming project!

  2. Amanda Best - April 28, 2014

    Congratulations Arlene and Letty!

  3. Rose L - April 28, 2014

    Congratulations, ladies!

  4. Rose Masuda - May 7, 2014

    I love your web site, you carry so many products, every time I get a news letter and log on I go crazy dreaming what I would like to purchase. Unfortunately I have been limited due to having to retire from a job I thoroughly enjoyed working in an Elementary school due to cancer, but I have been also lucky I have fought it hard and so far succeeded after numerous surgeries. But while working at the school I worked with at least twenty five wonderful teachers. We all enjoyed sewing, quilting and making crafts together once a month after schools. I would like to nominate a wonderful, encouraging teacher who went far beyond her daily job description in helping her students and staff. Her name is Mrs. Robyn Ord Boisvert. This teacher went to school in our home town, went away to University, came back and taught in the school system she attended has a student. She now still teaches, but is also got promoted has the principal of the elementary school. I sure would be overjoyed if I could win this for this teacher who is so deserving of good treat and it would not surprise me if she should win, she would make something to use in her classroom. She was always sewing up projects for her students to use in the class rooms.

  5. Rose Masuda - May 7, 2014

    So sorry I posted in the wrong area, but I would like to congratulate the two winners, ladies I hope you get great enjoyment on your lucky products you have won.