Animal ABCs Alligator


I love Penguin & Fish’s embroidery, so when her newest fabric collection (Animal ABCs) came out, I fell for that hook, line & sinker. Animal ABCs is such an adorable fabric line; so soft and sweet. Immediately I wanted to make an alligator out of it… I know soft and sweet and alligator don’t usually go together, but somehow this works! The Alligator Sewing Pattern is the perfect companion to the Animal ABCs collection! This was my first foray into sewing a stuffed animal so I was a little nervous to start, especially once I got all the pieces out and ready.

Teri - the beginning

Once I got started though, it was actually fun and not as hard as I anticipated; probably due to the great directions in the pattern. I think the trickiest part for me was getting his mouth on correctly.

Teri - say ahhh

I did have to use my seam ripper once for some dentistry… you can’t see the teeth when you sew on the mouth so I ended up with a little snaggletooth problem.

Teri - snaggletooth

Easily fixed though! After I stuffed him and was getting ready to sew his belly closed I was having a hard time holding it and sewing it together but once again, my much loved Wonder Clips saved the day!

Teri - love the wonder clips

The alligator was immediately dubbed Jango Fett by my Star Wars obsessed son and used as a light saber. Oh well, at least he’s soft!

Teri - Jango FettTeri - lightsaber


  1. Ann - July 21, 2015

    What a cute, cute alligator – a dual purpose too!

  2. Alisha - July 21, 2015

    This is totes adorbs.

  3. diane - July 21, 2015

    hi very cute

  4. Judith Green - July 22, 2015

    Nothing tops this adorable ending of a delightful story.

  5. Melissa Rulau - August 4, 2015

    I’d like this freebie kit to help teach my daughter who is almost 19. I thought this would be perfect to spend quality time with her b4 leaving for college in a year. Also great grandchildren gift projects. Is it possible to get 2 copies free so she(my daughter) can have one to; if for nothing else a memory book of “our own special bonding time” Thank you, Melissa Rulau