Alligator Boxer Shorts

When Jenni first designed the Alligator print in our Wild Ones flannel collection, I instantly loved it.

I can’t put my finger on it, but something about the print was begging to be made into boxer shorts. Then when I happened upon the boxer shorts pattern in the Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders book a couple months later, I knew I had to make them. Never mind that I don’t know anyone who even wears boxer shorts! The fabric and pattern combination was just too perfect to resist. I decided to make them as cute pajama shorts for me.

These came together very quickly in my short bursts of free time. Those not wrangling a newborn and 3-year-old could probably make them in 3-4 hours. I made the smallest size, following my waist measurement as the pattern suggests. They turned out really cute, but a bit snug over the hips. I don’t know if it’s because boxers are usually for men (who don’t have wide hips and thus go by waist measurements for clothing), or if they’ll fit once I lose the last bit of my pregnancy weight. It’s hard to say. If sewing them again, I would go up a size.

Anyway, I sewed the pattern as written (with the fly opening), even though they are for me, so that I could test it out and share my thoughts. In the end, I just skipped the part about taking out the basting stitches at the fly, thus leaving it sewn shut. Here are a couple of notes about the pattern directions for those of you interested in possibly making these:
1. I found the fabric requirement of 1 yard to be a bit too close for comfort. I just barely had enough. Order an extra 1/4 yard to give yourself some wiggle room, especially if making the larger sizes or pre-washing.

2. The directions and diagrams can be a little vague. Mine turned out perfect in the end, and I never had to rip out any stitches, but I did find myself scratching my head a couple times. The pattern assumes some basic knowledge and experience with sewing clothing. I don’t recommend this as a beginner’s first garment pattern, mainly because of the trickiness with the fly opening.

All in all, these were a fast and fun sewing project, and they turned out well. If you’re looking for one book that has great sewing gift ideas using only one yard of fabric, I highly recommend the Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders book as a good investment for your library. You can read my full review of the book by clicking the link to the book’s page.


  1. Stephanie - March 16, 2012

    If I only like to sew clothes I’d have the cutest boxer shorts pjs ever and probably dozens of them. These are super cute.

  2. Barb - March 16, 2012

    Those are really, really cute! Hm-m, I wonder if my grandson would like these. I know I want a pair!

  3. Stephanie - March 16, 2012

    Really, really cute! I have the some of that fabric…..hmmmmmmm gets me to thinkin and that for sure spells trouble!

  4. April - March 16, 2012

    I’ve made a pair of boxer shorts for my husband with Star Wars cotton (and have some other cotton lined up for future pairs), but hadn’t even thought of making them out of flannel! Great idea and a cute finished project!

  5. Jenni Calo - March 16, 2012

    Melissa these came out so cute!!!

  6. Gayle L. - March 16, 2012

    Melissa before I order the book, does it include childrens’ sizes. My DGGS is almost 8 years old and I know he would love any I make him. I am thinking…….

  7. Melissa - March 18, 2012

    Hi Gayle,
    While the book does have many kid-sized patterns, this is not one of them. The smallest size is for a 28″ waist. Sorry!