A quilter’s poem

Connecting Threads has the BEST customers! That’s a fact. Every week we receive wonderful emails and letters from our amazing customers. They share their love of quilting and the things they have made using our products. One of our favorite things is knowing that we are a part of your memories. We know that the items we produce are transformed in the hands of our customers. The possibilities are endless. We also know that many of our customers use quilting as a social outlet. They are part of groups and clubs that come together to quilt, building lasting friendships.

One of our customers, Toni Leiboff, sent us the following poem about her Quail Ridge Quilters group in Southeast Arizona.

Almost a dozen sweet retired ladies happily make up the Quail Ridge Quilters Bee. They come with varied quilted bags full of materials every Thursday from seven-thirty to three. They moll over quilting books, magazines, and patterns to pick out the right designs. They gather all types of cotton piece goods to start a pretty project – ever so divine. First you learn to cut the squares of many colors – reds, blues, greens, yellows or browns. Busy hands pick up their roller cutters, all happy smiles, absolutely no ugly frowns. Each quilter has her own ideas of what quilt project to put her heart, mind, and soul. The love, the peace, the contentment, are all enduring feelings if the truth be told. The materials are simple – a sewing machine, cutting tools, scissors, pins, needles, and thread. A little courage to embark on a quilting journey, with no mistakes ever to dread. Friendship, that’s the mainstay, sincere sharing, and caring, you see. “Stitching and bitching” is our mantra, sharing ideas with the greatest of ease. Laughs galore make us comfortable with each other, never a bore, never a snore. Just being like we like to be, ourselves, honest, and wielding humor evermore. Sanity checks, reality checks, that’s what quilting is all about. There’s no better way to spend your money than on fabric, our most precious clout. During the week we call each other to share a happy event, a new technique, or a discussion of pattern, colors, or pile. If down in the dumps, or the weather’s a mess, “Thursday’s a coming!” always brings a big wide smile. Then there’s the fabulous eating, each quilter a wonderful tasty cook to behold. The lunch time schedule is always a hot topic as our mouths water for gourmet gold. Homemade pizza, desserts, surprise casseroles, authentic Mexican, or a plethora of tasty dishes to even include lemon meringue pie. Chicken divine, deli sandwiches, salads, even biscuits and gravy to more than satisfy. Fertile minds, busy hands, the soothing hum of Singer machines of different style, color and age. With each completed beautiful square, all stop to cheer and admire their beloved work and fine measured gauge. Great thanks to Joanne who started this loving group, with Polly, Barb, Pat, Gloria, Sue, Janice, Darlene, Rosa, Sandra, and Toni, too. On Arizona Highway 82 at Mustang Corners in Cochise County come visit us and see our quilting creations and enjoy our camaraderie stew. No matter the weather or time of year, our busy quilting bee is always open to all. There’s no better place on earth to quilt than at friendly Quail Ridge Quilters –    winter, spring, summer or fall.  

This makes me want to take a road trip to Arizona! Who’s with me?

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  1. Amanda Best - January 11, 2014

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I love my local guild. Quilting with your stitching friends is just the best!