A Little Duffle Do It

When I first saw the Little Duffle Do It pattern I thought they looked so cute; I knew I just had to make one.  The fact that you can change the mood to fit the situation just by changing your fabric selection makes these very versatile for gift giving.  Combine that with the four size options and you can make something that will appeal to Dads or Grads, guys or gals, teenagers or adults.  They are a great size for organizing little things when you travel—like cell phone or iPod chargers, ear buds, and the miscellaneous cords you need to take but don’t want loose in your luggage. They’re also great for traveling Dads who need to pack a razor, shampoo and shaving cream all in one place. I made the medium-sized duffle from one of our batiks.  It turned out beautifully but I gave it away as a gift before a trip and didn’t think to take a picture!  The next one will be just for me!


  1. Linda Christianson - June 8, 2012

    Make them maybe a bit larger and able to open completely for sewing bag to take on trips.

  2. Aishah - July 27, 2012

    So glad you are carrying on with this, I love it, it’s been a relaly important one for me, baby steps and all. Thanks so much for starting it and giving me a reason to focus on the little things I need to improve xxxx