Four patterns released this week by three different designers.

Well, there is so much to talk about with this week’s Designer Pattern Download releases. We have four patterns this week by three different designers; available to you now!

Let me first talk about our newbie-Stephanie Dunphy of Loft Creations. We first put 7 of her adorable bag patterns on our website a few weeks ago, and all of you thought they were so cute that we quickly had to place another order. In the mean time, we were able to get 2 of her patterns (in my opinion the cutest) available for download. We are so excited to have her a part of our team! Both for pattern packets and for downloads. I think we will be able to look forward to more from her.

Next we have 2 great patterns from Bella Nonna and Sew Simple (two designers who stuck with it while I worked out all of our learning kinks). Bella Nonna’s quilt is a versatile pattern that will be great in traditional or trendy fabrics. The funny story about Sew Simple’s pattern is that a couple of days before she submitted the pattern to me I was thinking, “You know what we need? We need a pattern for everybody’s iPads and Kindles.” I don’t know how she read my thoughts from miles away, but she heard and listened.



  1. Stephanie - March 10, 2011

    So many wonderful patterns that it makes choosing a favorite difficult if not impossible. I’m a happy camper knowing others are liking my patterns as much as I enjoyed making them.

  2. B J Elder - March 10, 2011

    I’ve done several of the Sew Simple patterns. They are GREAT! These new bags really are VERY easy to make and are not only good looking but functional.

  3. Linda Froggie Quilter - March 16, 2011

    What great patterns! Such choices! I love the downloads, it’s easier for me to keep my patterns organized in my computer than in my quilting room.
    ~Hopppy quilting~

  4. Betty Steverson - March 16, 2011

    love to have for my gran.