Monthly Archives: November 2018

Podcast Episode 8: Quiltsgiving

Welcome to episode 8 on the Connecting Threads Podcast! First up, Jenn and Chamisa describe their adventures at Quilt Festival in Houston. This was their first time at a major quilting event and it did not disappoint. Listen in as they share the challenges of having a booth in the marketplace as well as the tremendous inspiration they found in the exhibition ...

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Podcast Episode 7: Quilts as Gifts

Welcome to episode 7 here on the Connecting Threads podcast! Join us as we wrestle with the all-important topic of gift sewing. Not only is it a timely topic (hello, November!), it’s also at the heart of our beloved craft. Quilts, since time immemorial, have been made with love to be gifted to those closes to us. Every stitch represents thought, care ...

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