2011 Cyber Monday Sale

I know Black Friday sales are a family tradition in some households that often involve long lists, road maps, and camping in parking lots, but I prefer to avoid the crowds and stay home on Black Friday. Now Cyber Monday sales, on the other hand, are more my style. I love the convenience of shopping from home (or even at work on my lunch break!). Now, we know not everyone can shop at work, so this year we’re starting our Cyber Monday sale a day early, on Sunday 11/27/11 at 6 a.m. PST for all you early birds on the West Coast. The sale doesn’t end until Tuesday, 11/29/11 at 8 a.m. PST, so you’ll have plenty of time to log on and stock up on some super Cyber Monday deals. Bookmark this Cyber Monday landing page and check back Sunday morning to see what’s on sale, or sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, and we’ll deliver a reminder to your inbox on Sunday. Happy shopping!


  1. Anna Avery - November 22, 2011

    As a new quilter I instantly fell in love with Batiks. In a way the “spoke to me.”I love taking traditional patterns and using Batiks in a way to make them modern, yet they still have that “old charm.”

  2. Tsoniki Crazy Bull - November 22, 2011

    In addition to the separate deals on Cyber Monday, many/most retailers do the sale black Friday sales online starting either Thursday night or Friday! So you don’t have to go out, though some of the deals are in store only. 🙂

  3. Cindy - November 24, 2011

    I prefer using batiks in traditional quilts

  4. Debbie Berenato Samuelson - November 25, 2011

    I’ve had my eye on some things that rhyme with antlers, I can’t wait. They can have the lines and the cold, or the stayin up all night, but I’ll be here. Thank you CT!!