Year at a Glance

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I am so in love with my new project. I used to do a lot of wool embroidery but my wool allergies have gotten so bad that I have had to put that hobby on hold. I’ve now started doing some quilting projects that have embroidery and I’m back in love! I’m currently working on a quilt named Year at a Glance (from the book Big Fun with a Little Fabric) and it has one block for each month, I’m up to June and they are so cute I might have to do another set of blocks and just make them individual mini quilts. We’ve got a quilt along going for this quilt so if you are in the mood for some embroidery and company join us at Year at a Glance Quilt Along. I’m also working on a snowman redwork pillow (Trim the Tree) and planning my next embroidery project, in for a penny in for a pound!

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  1. Pat Says:
    08/22/2011 8:03 pm

    That’s really pretty Teri, Trees are the first thing my dad ever taught me how to draw..I like how it seems to grow with the seasons.


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