10 responses to “The Pine Grove Table Topper”

  1. Donna Sykes Says:
    07/01/2011 10:30 am

    I would definitely make one for myself – those are my colors, nice and warm and cozy. But I would also choose someone special to make one for as well.

  2. Linda Christianson Says:
    07/01/2011 10:54 am

    It is sweet Fall/ winter wall quilt. I like how the center stands out by the border on the angle.

  3. Jennie Steward Says:
    07/01/2011 10:58 am

    I would make it for my daughter whose lovely square table is perfect for it!

  4. Irene Gallway Says:
    07/02/2011 1:15 pm

    I live in the Pine Tree State. I love it.

  5. Lori Says:
    07/03/2011 8:51 am

    I always love this color scheme.

  6. Gayle L. Says:
    07/03/2011 10:02 am

    I would love to have this on my table and I have my sweet SIL that has a beautiful square table that would love it.

  7. Barb Says:
    07/03/2011 2:53 pm

    My sister would love this as a gift. It would be perfect on her dining room table in the northwoods.

  8. Shannon Says:
    07/04/2011 7:17 pm

    My colours totally!! Would be awesome in my dining room,caramel walls and sage green chair pads…. I suppose I could make one for someone else too :o).

  9. Deb Bliss Says:
    07/08/2011 3:47 pm

    I love the new Pineberry collection. It reminds me of Thimbleberries and I’ve always been drawn to that. I will have to go shopping soon for the kit and make one for myself and my sister.

  10. Sarah Lanckton Says:
    07/14/2011 3:06 am

    I love this table topper and tried to order it this morning and it is no longer on the website? Does anyone know what may have happened?


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