The Birthday dilemma

This issue has been weighing on me for many weeks. Many of you know by now that we’ve discovered the network that hosts this site has some limitations. Specifically, on the home page, far right, down a little, there is a list of our members birthdays for the day. The limit to display has always been 20 per day, but in the past, our membership was not so large and most days everyone was displayed.

We’ve grown! And now that the list is alphabetically, it’s very easy for us to see that most days in July, a business birthday month, only about half of our members were acknowledged in the list. Some of you enjoy saying something to your e-pals on their birthday, but many are getting missed every day. I feel bad when someone is missed and it’s now a growing problem.

My instinct has been to simply take down the birthday list indefinitely, and only put it back when the network folks have fixed the problem. At this point, they cannot give me a date…it’s not on a schedule even (this is not a Connecting Threads hosted site – it’s out of our control). But some of you have told me you like the list, even though it’s partial. Sooooooo, here’s a quick survey. Please tell me Yes if you want to keep the list of 20 and No if you think I should take it down until it’s fixed.

This will take you to a different page – it’s a site called Survey Monkey that will calculate your votes for me. It’s a trusted site and will only ask you to click yes or no – no other info will be asked of you.

8/2/2010 Voting has concluded – it’s about tied, so I’m leaving Birthdays showing.