Still in the Christmas Spirit….

I’m still in the Christmas spirit and I started sewing some gifts. Or rather what I had planned on being gifts. I made the Just for Fun Runner out of the Runner’s Etc. book out of some fabrics from the Canning Day Collection. It was so quick & easy and I modified the pattern slightly so that I could feed my Quilt-as-you-go addiction! I finished it in no time flat and then took it downstairs to show my DH that I finished my Mom’s Christmas present and what does he say? I really like that one can’t we keep it? Now I have to go back and sew another one so it’s been a one step forward one step back in the gift sewing department! On a knitting note a made the cutest little newborn hat for a friend the other day. I didn’t have a newborn to model it but they had a sample of a knitted pumpkin that stood in nicely. I printed out the picture and framed it as a Halloween decoration – two birds with one stone! Now I have to knit two more as my doctor just had twins. Oh well, being busy keeps me from getting into too much trouble!


Oh speaking of trouble…. many of you have noticed that all the staffers got new pictures. I had a ‘reject’ picture that I wanted to but they said it looked like I was up to no good. I replied that it would be a fitting picture but alas I had to use the non-mischievous one for work purposes. I kept this one though for blogging purposes so if you see this picture of me it means I may be up to no good J


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  1. Shirley - October 8, 2010

    I like the picture. It is cute – just as cute as that pumpkin!!! Shirley