Rushin’ Tailor’s Quilt Alaska

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Anita and her mom in front of the Mendenhall Glacier

Anita and her mom in front of the Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, AK

My mom and I recently went on an Alaska Cruise.


We both brought some hand-work to do on ship during down time.  Boy did we meet a lot of people that way and I even met some of our Connecting Threads customers which was great fun.  In general, fellow cruisers are always open to sit and chat a while, but when you bring out needle and thread or some yarn, they come out of the woodwork to see what you are working on and then talk about their projects.  It was great fun.

My Mom posing in Skagway...Isn't she cute?

My Mom posing in Skagway…Isn’t she cute?

While we were at port in Skagway we had some extra time and we were enjoying looking in all of the fun shops.  We stopped in one shop named Changing Threads and since we both quilt, embroider, and knit we thought it would be a great store to browse in.  We were not disappointed.  It had some great embroidery kits and some beautiful yarn, but when they mentioned that they had a “sister” quilt shop just a few blocks away, we knew our next stop.

Skaggway QA11

Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska store front

Rushin’ Tailor’s Quilt Alaska store front

The Rushin’ Tailor’s Quilt Shop did not disappoint either.  It was by far the busiest shop we were in that day, happy and excited quilters were everywhere.

Skaggway QA08

Skaggway QA09

It was just what you would want to find on your Alaska adventure.

Skaggway QA06

Skaggway QA 02

The store used every bit of space and filled it with fun Alaskan-themed quilting delights.

Skaggway QA03

Skaggway QA

Skaggway QA04

Skaggway QA07

Any type of quilter would be able to find a quilt and fabric to help them make an amazing reminder of their time in Alaska.

Skaggway QA05

This pattern I could not resist.  First off, I love the tribal Orca appliqué.  Second, the Orca print Batik is gorgeous.  It was available in a kit, but I opted to buy the pattern and the gorgeous Batik.

My haul.  I had to use GREAT restraint to only purchase this much

My haul. I had to use GREAT restraint to only purchase this much

Boy was I relieved to learn this quilt shop is online and I can order more!  Their yarn and needlework products from the other store are also available on the website as well.



The cruise was great fun and the ports of call were gorgeous, but if you ask me what my favorite part of the trip was… it would have to be finding this great quilt shop.  So if you every find your way to Skagway, make sure you don’t miss visiting this great shop.



19 responses to “Rushin’ Tailor’s Quilt Alaska”

  1. Jenna Says:
    06/12/2014 8:13 am

    awww what a great post! Love seeing those pics Anita. I love Alaska too.

    • Anita Says:
      06/12/2014 12:32 pm

      Thanks Jenna.

  2. Stephanie Dunphy Says:
    06/12/2014 8:23 am

    You and your mom are BOTH cute! Oh gosh…how I’d love to visit Alaska. Such gorgeous photos and BONUS finding awesome quilt shops!

    • Anita Says:
      06/12/2014 12:31 pm

      Thanks Stephanie. You really should go to Alaska, I think you and your husband would just love it!

  3. Dawn Says:
    06/12/2014 1:47 pm

    Beautiful and fun photos, Anita! They make me want to go visit again and go on a road trip, I haven’t been there since Kodiak & Valdez about 17 years ago!

    • Anita Says:
      06/12/2014 1:49 pm

      Well then it is definitely time to go again.

  4. Jenni Says:
    06/12/2014 4:54 pm

    Cute post Figgy Lee! Sure sounds and looks like you and your mom had fun! XO

    • Anita Says:
      06/13/2014 8:28 am

      Thanks Figgy Lou.

      • JENNI Says:
        06/13/2014 8:33 am

        HA HA! We inverted our names…You’re Figgy Lou, I’m Figgy Lee.

        • Anita Says:
          06/13/2014 8:35 am

          You started it.

          • JENNI Says:
            06/13/2014 8:41 am

            I did! I totally did!

  5. Susan Says:
    06/12/2014 5:57 pm

    I had a similar experience when I traveled to Alaska on a cruise in Juneau. I also have had great trips to quilt shops in other places around the world. Cruises are a great way to find new quilt shops!

    • Anita Says:
      06/13/2014 8:29 am

      Some of the other quilters on board told us of the quilt shop in Juneau. I am sorry I missed it. I heard it was a great shop. Next time I will need to do my research before going someplace so i make sure I am not missing out.

  6. Ann Says:
    06/17/2014 8:19 am

    Sounds like a great trip with your Mom! What a fun experience to share…including the quilt shop. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

    • Anita McIntire Says:
      06/17/2014 8:34 am

      Thanks Ann

  7. Teri Says:
    06/17/2014 8:31 am

    What fun! I love the Snowman Quilt! I also love my suntanning snowman ornament you got me :)

    • Anita McIntire Says:
      06/17/2014 8:33 am

      Yes, I thought of you when I took a picture of the snowman quilt. Picture does not do it justice. It was super cute.

  8. Valerie Liggett Says:
    06/26/2014 8:16 am

    I’ve been to that shop, and loved it as much a you. I was impressed with their display and stock. You really showed restraint by only buying a couple of items. When so much is displayed in such a limited space it takes time to take it all in. Delightful place for a quilter to visit! Next trip I’ll plan for more time there!

    • Anita McIntire Says:
      06/26/2014 8:29 am

      Trust me, I’m still thinking about the things I wish I did buy. So glad they have a website. Although next time I will plan my budget more accordingly to include quilt stores!


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