Rain Chain

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The idea of the Rain Chain quilt came from those beautifully artistic, functional contraptions that are used as downspouts instead of closed gutters. I love those things! Well, I have to tell you, this subject matter made me chuckle living in the Pacific Northwest where rain is a steady flow most of the year, but the individual fabrics in Soaked are so cute and unusual and I love the color scheme.

The focal, Galoshes Galore is a variety of darling boots sitting pretty, ready to be put to use. I love the peridot and cornflower color schemes in each. Then we have the dark, menacing Thunderstorm clouds that are ready to let go of the Raindrops or, perhaps more likely Downpour because of the Lighten Bolts that always have something loud to spout off about. Then, when they’ve had their say, there is a gentle break in the Cloudy Skies but the mild Pitter Patter of left over drops seem to remind us that there will be more…

Here in the Pacific Northwest we love our rain. Yeah, we do complain about it a lot, but without it we wouldn’t have such beautiful flora and fauna. You won’t find more beautiful country in the US! Soaked is just plain fun!

4 responses to “Rain Chain”

  1. Stephanie Says:
    09/18/2012 5:36 am

    We had a rain chain on our little house in Japan. They are fascinating and it’s was the first time I’d ever seen one. What a perfect quilt for this terrific fabric. I love this line!

  2. Joy Says:
    09/19/2012 11:37 pm

    Very cute Mari :) just like you

  3. Amanda Best Says:
    09/20/2012 6:45 pm

    This is a great quilt, Mari! The design is very interesting, but it doesn’t look super hard, the fabrics are great, too! This one looks really fun!

  4. Mari Says:
    09/21/2012 6:28 am

    Thank you so much everyone! You are awesome!


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