Patterns Revisited: Lincoln’s Log Cabin & Harriet’s Table Topper

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Lasting Legacies, CT’s lovely Civil War collection, is perfect for two patterns from our archives: Lincoln’s Log Cabin and Harriet’s Table Topper. The credit for the pattern and fabric selection for both quilts goes to Teri Stilwell, our creative Director.

Lincoln’s Log Cabin
Lincoln’s Log Cabin, an 84-1/2” X 102-1/2” quilt, is a scrappy masterpiece with thirty-nine fabrics! The gorgeous fabrics are scattered among the Log Cabin blocks and Piano Key border.

Harriet’s Table Topper
The focal in Harriet’s Table Topper, 6397 Proud Parlor Black, is complemented by seven supporting fabrics.




Harriet’s Table Topper, 51” square, is a stunning combination of traditional appliqué and Civil War reproduction fabrics.

Lincoln’s Log Cabin and Harriet’s Table Topper are both beautiful quilts to be treasured as heirlooms for years to come!


2 responses to “Patterns Revisited: Lincoln’s Log Cabin & Harriet’s Table Topper”

  1. Sue Says:
    11/05/2013 8:32 am

    This log cabin quilt is just divine. Not usually my thing – I’m really a brights girl, but I love it in the warm county tones.

  2. Jenni Says:
    11/05/2013 12:17 pm

    This is one of my favorite quilts we’ve done here! I’m a sucker for all that detail! I really like how it was colored up too!!


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