Party Treat Bags made with fabric.

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For me, September is a birthday month!  I just came back from a few days off celebrating my mother’s 65th birthday in which I gave her the Matsuri quilt I had made for her.  Which she loved! 

During the same weekend my friends daughter’s Mia celebrated her 7th birthday by having a slumber party with a few of her closest friends.  About a month ago I babysat her and we had our first sewing lesson, she’s really expressed an interest in sewing so I’ll be teaching her how to sew.  While she was learning the basics, we played around by making a little bag.  And Mia had the greatest idea to make them for her friends as treat bags for her party.  This little girl is so creative and smart, I thought her idea was brilliant and very special.  So a few weeks ago, Mia, her mother and I had a little sewing workshop where we made them up for the other girls.  I let Mia choose fabrics from my CT stash and she chose fabrics and colors that best suited their individual style.  The inside flap is lined with a coordinating fabric, unfortunately I don’t have a photo to show that.  I also embroidered their names on the bags, so they were personalized.  I just adore how they came out and I bet her friends really loved them too!

She chose three prints from Montecito.  But they would look so cute in any collection!

3 responses to “Party Treat Bags made with fabric.”

  1. Elaine Says:
    09/25/2012 7:31 pm

    Wonderful idea using up a stash of materials! Loved how each bag is personalized too!

  2. Jenni Says:
    09/26/2012 8:28 am

    Thanks so much Elaine!

  3. Jodilea Kids Says:
    07/18/2014 3:12 pm

    Great idea Jenni! I really love the use of the button.


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