A Year in Stitches: November block

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I designed the November calendar block to evoke a feeling of autumn with all the beautiful colors in deep browns, greens, golds and magentas. Our batik fabrics were a wonderful choice. The cream background is a lovely contrasting backdrop to the color in the batiks, and the leaves are designed in the round to mimic the circle of life; restful movement through the seasons.


This block is made with half-square triangles and a little bit of applique to create a dynamic block of four leaves that radiate from their center stems. The block attaches to our free Calendar Keeper pattern, or use it as a block in a quilt.

You can download the $.99 November block pattern here.




1 response to “A Year in Stitches: November block”

  1. Jane Says:
    10/06/2011 6:36 am

    Might know I’d miss this till it’s almost over! Love the block. How does it attach to the calendar?


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