Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 2 Is Here

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WOW! It is already time for the second installment of Mystery Quilt 2014. For those of you following along here on Notions:

You can download Part 2 PDF for free, here: Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 2

Please note there are additional instructional PDFs, Part 1 Notes and Part 2 Notes, with detailed information and photos for techniques used each pattern installment. Featured in Part 2 and  Part 2 Notes is a different way to make HSTs that may appeal to you!

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You may participate in Mystery Quilt 2014 either on Notions or Quilt with Us .

Notions - The pattern installment PDFs will be available here on Notions each Wednesday during the quilt along. If you are new to Mystery Quilt 2014, you can look back at the blog postings on Mystery Quilt 2014 – Fabric Selection Suggestions and Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 1. Please note, Ann will be responding to questions and comments about the pattern only on Quilt with Us.

Quilt with Us - The Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along is growing with over 315 members! If you are not yet a member of the Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along, it is not too late to join on Quilt with Us! Visit the The Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along to follow the lively questions and comments of the eager, chatty, and supportive group. Members are also starting to post their photos. Please join us in the fun!

Mystery Quilt 2014 Quick Links:
Fabric Selection Suggestions PDF will help with choosing fabrics.
Part 1 PDF is the first pattern installment.
Part 1 Notes PDF provides additional instruction and photos for Part 1.
Part 2 PDF is the second pattern installment.
Part 2 Notes PDF provides additional instruction and photos for Part 2.

Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 3 Comes Next Week!
The Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 3 will be posted next Wednesday, April 2nd on The Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along page on Quilt with Us and on Notions. The mystery of the quilt’s design will be unveiled and quilt along members will discover what they have been making!

Mystery Quilt 2014 – Conclusion
The last quilt along blog posting on Notions will be on Wednesday, April 9th. However, people will still be able to join and add comments/questions on Quilt with Us for many months after that.

20 responses to “Mystery Quilt 2014 – Part 2 Is Here”

  1. Donna Says:
    03/26/2014 7:37 am

    I am a little confussed on with fabrics we use for Part 2. Can anyone explain it to me? I must be missing something becasue if I used my Fabric numbers for the numbers on Part 2 I do not have enough fabric. Example Fabric 1 I have 1 yd and I used it on Part 1 but on Part 2 it calls for 1 1/4 yds of Fabric 1. and so on for the other fabrics.

  2. Ann Says:
    03/26/2014 7:50 am

    Hi Donna, the yardages stayed the same for all the fabrics in Part 1 and Part 2. You finished cutting all of Fabric 1 in Part 1 and do not need to cut anymore. The grayed out text in the cutting instructions and the grayed out pieces on the Cutting Suggestions cutting diagram were from Part 1 and do not need to be cut again. Fabric 2 is 2-1/4 yds but you only need to cut Fs this time. Please let me know if this does not help and you have further questions. I will watch for your reply to see if you need more help.

    • Donna Says:
      03/26/2014 8:01 am

      Thank you for your reply but I am still a little confussed. On Part 2 Directions Fabrics numbered 1-4 which fabrics are they from the original list of 1-6. You said we used all of Fabric 1 on Part one but on Part 2 Fabric marked as 1 says to cut 32 3-7/8 squares?

      • Ann Says:
        03/26/2014 8:19 am

        Donna,in Part 1 you cut: Fabric 1 A & B; Fabric 2 C, D, & E;and Fabric 3 H. Those are finished and do not need to be cut again.

        In Part 2 you need to cut Fabric 2 F, Fabric 3 J, Fabric 4 K & L, Fabric 5 M and Fabric 6 Binding.

        There will very little to cut in Part 3.

        Hopefully this helps – You may benefit from following along as part of Mystery Quilt 2014 Quilt Along on Quilt with us (links above in blog posting). The members of the group are very supportive, I answer questions there, and people are starting to post photos.

        • Donna Says:
          03/26/2014 8:39 am

          I am sorry to be a pain however, (and I will follow along with the Quilt Along) on Part 2 Directions Number 1 calls for 32 3-7/8 squares which I have not cut yet and were not in Part 1 what fabric is this? And on fabric number 2 I need 8 6-1/2 squares same thing what fabric? Maybe I am over thinking this but I just cannot figure it out, I am sorry.

          • Ann Says:
            03/26/2014 8:56 am

            Donna, there are no 3-7/8″ squares anywhere in this pattern. It may be that you are rereading Part 1 again where there were thirty-two 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ units of Fabric 2.

            In Part 2, on page 4, Step 7 there are instructions to fussy cut (optional) four 6-1/2″ squares and twelve 4-1/2″ squares…nowhere does it say eight squares.

            Please check that you are using Mystery Quilt 2014 Part 2 and start on Step 6 which provides an alternate method for making HSTs.

            I would like for you to follow along on Quilt with Us. That is where questions like these are answered by myself and other members. It is a very supportive group!

          • Donna Says:
            03/26/2014 9:09 am

            I went back and reprinted the pdf and realized the first one that downloaded was the wrong pattern, it was Part 2 Directions but not for the quilt. I am so sorry for all the confussion, I now have the right document and am good to go. Again sorry and thank you very much for your patience with me.

          • Ann Says:
            03/26/2014 9:31 am

            Oh good! I figured something like that happened. Hope you enjoy Part 2 and the quilt along group.

  3. Bea Says:
    03/26/2014 8:14 am

    Can’t wait to start clue2 waited a FEW hours this morning- guess you’re not east coast ;)

    • Ann Says:
      03/26/2014 8:21 am

      Bea, sorry for the delay. I had set the blog to be posted at 6:00 am PST but started a new blog system and had a glitch. Hopefully you can see the blog posting just fine now. Enjoy!

  4. Nancy Latham Says:
    03/26/2014 5:03 pm

    I ready for part 2. Got all of part 1 done yesterday. I decided to use red/white and blues and a gold for a Quilt of Valor. That’s what I do for most of the mystery’s I do. Thanks for doing this for us.

  5. Janie Scoggin Says:
    03/26/2014 7:38 pm

    I too, like Donna, got the wrong directions this morning.. I wasted a quarter yard of fabric before I figured it out. I now have the right directions and am anxious to get started on the right track in the morning.

  6. Ann Says:
    03/27/2014 7:30 am

    Welcome to Janie and Nancy!

    Janie, I am not sure how you and Donna could download the wrong directions. Would you please provide more information?

    • Janie Scoggin Says:
      03/28/2014 11:53 am

      I do not know what I did wrong. I clicked on Part 2 and received instructions for part 2 of a different quilt. It also included a tutorial on making flying geese. It only had four fabrics.

  7. Meg Says:
    03/27/2014 9:23 am

    I’m going to try this out and jump in at part 2. Looking forward to it!

  8. Ann Says:
    03/27/2014 12:32 pm

    Welcome Meg! It is not too late. Hope you enjoy it!

  9. Janie Says:
    03/28/2014 11:55 am

    I have finished part 2 and can hardly wait for the final piece of the puzzle!

  10. Judy Says:
    03/31/2014 8:32 pm

    The link to Part 2 Notes isn’t working. I am unable to find this document

    • Judy Says:
      04/01/2014 6:25 am

      Found it on the other site

  11. Ann Says:
    04/01/2014 8:50 am

    Judy, thanks for letting me know. I “fixed” some things yesterday but looks like I caused another problem…okay now I think. Glad you found the notes on QWU.


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