My newest collection Sun Kissed Harvest !

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I’m so excited that my latest collection Sun Kissed Harvest is finally out!  I really enjoyed designing this collection!!  What started as a painting has been nicely translated to fabric for you to enjoy!

When it came time to design another fall collection I wanted to make sure I made a group that had a different flare than my Maple Skies collection from last year.  I really wanted to paint the designs to give it a more dimensional and textured aesthetic.  I also wanted to change up the palette and incorporate some colors that would make it slightly more modern, with Greys and Stone and an emphasis on Yellows and Oranges.  Strangely enough, I’m not a huge sun flower enthusiast naturally but I really wanted  to design a group with them and love love LOVE how the focal “Sunflower Bouquet” turned out.  I love it so much I designed an embroidery based on it!  (see that in my next blog)

After I painted the focal, I knew I wanted to work on a pumpkin and gourd print, so “Gourds” became the secondary focal.  And I made a point to make this 2 directional so it would be a bit more versatile when working with it.

Then I painted “Aspen Trees”, and really loved the feel of this. In this case, by nature of the design, it was automatically a one directional print.  But I loved that quality and thought it felt fresh and contemporary.

The “Wheat Sprigs” print is one of my favorites, it’s so simple yet I just love the colors and composition.  And it’s a print that can be mixed with so many things.

As a coordinate, I also knew that I wanted to do a print that looked like burlap…and so “Faux Burlap” was born.  I love the texture in this print!!

I have to say, this is one of my favorite collections to date.  I just feel it’s a good combination of country and modern all at the same time.  Our quilt designers did a great job in creating an awesome mix of kits that are really great in this collection.  Here are some of my favorites.

Little Squares Table Runner by Mari Martin.

Autumn Blanket by Ann Johnson

Anita’s Pot Holders by Sue Terpin

And Sun Kissed Modern Mary Jane Bag by Loft Creations.

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

21 responses to “My newest collection Sun Kissed Harvest !”

  1. Stephanie Says:
    06/26/2013 8:39 am

    I LOVE it and I’m having a great time playing with it. :o)

  2. Carol S Says:
    06/26/2013 9:29 am

    I love this fabric. The colors and patterns are beautiful

  3. Alicia Says:
    06/26/2013 10:22 am

    Love It. Ordering today.

  4. Dot Trummer Says:
    06/26/2013 10:28 am

    Love it! Fall is my favorite time of year!

  5. Pam Nieman Says:
    06/26/2013 12:09 pm

    Great new designs!

  6. Jenni Says:
    06/26/2013 12:29 pm

    Stephanie, you are too sweet! I love the kits you’ve been coming up with too!!

  7. Jenni Says:
    06/26/2013 12:30 pm

    Thank you so much!!!
    Thank you! Oh I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
    Thank you!!! I know, fall is so pretty!!!
    Thank you so much!!

  8. Linda Froggie Says:
    06/26/2013 1:01 pm

    Jenni, Jenni, who can I turn to? Oh wrong song….
    You are killin’ me! I love, love, love this fabric. Here comes another 50-75 bucks from FroggieLand!
    I love you~
    ~HOpppy quilting~

  9. Amanda Best Says:
    06/26/2013 2:39 pm

    I have been eagerly awaiting this collection since your first sneak peek. The moment I first saw it was available I went and ordered some. It is a gorgeous collection! I simply adore it! I hope it is in the mail today. I love your pillow embroidery pattern, too. I haven’t ordered it yet, because I don’t know how you transfer it to fabric. I have only done free hand embroidery or those iron on transfers. So how do you get it on fabric? I would love to make it to go with the quilt I designed to use my Sun Kissed Harvest fabric! You have done a stellar job, Jenni! Thanks!

  10. Christine M Says:
    06/26/2013 6:05 pm

    Hi jenni – I just rec’d the pattern for your beautiful pillow ( and the table runner kit) but the thread colors you used are not listed any where on the pattern. I love your color choices and would like to use the same color threads. Is it possible to find out the thread colors. Thank you.

  11. Jenni Says:
    06/26/2013 8:07 pm

    Linda! Awhhhh, what a wonderful comment!! I’m so glad you like!!!! It makes me feel so good to make others feel so good with what I do!!

  12. Jenni Says:
    06/26/2013 8:09 pm

    Amanda! Wow, what a wonderful thing to say! You’re making me blush! I am so happy you love is as much as I do! As for the embroidery, transferring the design to paper is pretty easy! I use my window as a light source, and I tape the design on the window, then the fabric over the paper pattern, then with the light shining through I can see the design, so then I just trace it. If you have a light box than that works great too!

  13. Jenni Says:
    06/26/2013 8:27 pm

    Hi Christine, Oh I’m so excited you got those kits! I’m thrilled you’ll be doing the pillow, it truly is a labor of love.
    I used a mix of DMC floss and Pearl Cotton, the thread colors are:
    Pearl Cotton Dk Red #815
    Pearl Cotton Red #304
    Pearl Cotton Dk Yellow #783
    Pearl Cotton Med Yellow #742
    Pearl Cotton Lt Yellow #725
    Pearl Cotton Black #310
    Purl Cotton Lt Green #502
    DMC Orange #720
    DMC Tan #840
    DMC Dk Green 935
    DMC Gray #535
    I didn’t list the colors primarily because I didn’t want people to feel obligated to use exactly what I did, and also because I needed to use a mix because I couldn’t find the DMC colors in Pearl cotton, otherwise I would have done them all in Pearl cotton; which is my personal preference.
    Hope that helps!

  14. Louise Y. Says:
    06/27/2013 12:55 pm

    What beautiful fall colors. I’ll be ordering shortly. Fall & Halloween are also my very favorite seasons of the year. They bring back such wonderful memories.

  15. Amanda Best Says:
    06/27/2013 4:19 pm

    Thank you Jenni, for explaining how to transfer it to the fabric. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, the light from a window makes perfect sense. I will be ordering it now, and I can’t wait to get started embroidering it. Again, it is one of the prettiest embroidery patterns and fabric collections I have ever seen. I was so excited when my package arrived yesterday!

  16. Jennifer@ Little Blog in the Big Woods Says:
    06/28/2013 4:02 am

    Yet another wonderful collection Jenni! I love it, fall is my favorite! Oh and the burlap print is so versatile! You are one of my favorite designers and It is always fun to see what you come up with next!

  17. Karen Says:
    07/25/2013 4:24 pm

    I can’t find the sunflower fabric on the website. Is it already discontinued?

  18. Jenni Says:
    07/25/2013 4:34 pm

    Hi Karen,
    Yes, it looks like it’s all sold out now. So sorry!

  19. Sylvia Says:
    04/27/2014 7:16 pm

    I love this fabric collection but have a problem. I am using the cream faux burlap for embroidery and am in desperate need for more. I have searched Connecting Threads site and can’t find it anymore. Does anyone know if it is available anywhere? Thanks for any help.

  20. Sylvia Says:
    04/27/2014 7:17 pm

    It’s the Sun Kissed Collection… left that out.

    • admin Says:
      04/29/2014 8:33 am

      Hi Sylvia,

      I hate to say it, but the fabric that you’re looking for is now sold out. All of our exclusive collections are limited edition. That said, the faux burlap print was so popular in this collection, we have added it to our basics line-up and it will be available all year long. Unfortunately, that particular print is still being manufactured, so we won’t have more until later in the year. Be sure to check your inbox because when it arrives, we will announce the new prints in our weekly newsletter. I hope that helps!



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