May Block: A Year in Stitches

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I was so excited to design my first block for A Year in Stitches, but didn’t quite know what to design. With spring around the corner I thought of the saying “April showers bring May flowers” and May is also when we honor our mothers, usually with the gift of flowers. So I knew this block would have to include flowers, but which flower and what technique? I wanted to keep it simple so I stayed with piecing, but thinking outside the box. I designed my own species of flower – the pinwheel! It was really fun to design and the yo-yo’s give it a little extra touch. I knew Teri would not be thrilled to make these tiny little gems, so I kept her in mind when I added options in place of making yo-yo’s. I hope you enjoy making May’s block and I look forward to seeing photos of what you have sewn up. I’ve also designed the block for June, so get ready there is chirping in the air!


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