Love Links and Neutral Love II Patterns Revisited

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Love Links is the result of playing around with a block called Squared Chain. I liked the way the blocks interlocked, but really got excited when I turned the blocks on-point! This is one of those interesting but easy quilts that goes together amazingly quick! 

The fabrics are from the cool palette of the Neutral Love II collection and Mirage Honeysuckle from the Quilter’s Candy Basics collection.



If you have never tried partial seam construction or making a quilt with diagonal blocks and setting triangles, this would be an excellent one with which to start. The large amount of negative space in Love Links provides room for artistic quilting.

And from the Connecting Threads archives…

When recoloring this pattern in the warm neutrals of the Neutral Love II collection, I envisioned the stars glowing against a dark background. The scrappiness and subtle pinwheels add visual interest. For those of you intimidated by using 22 fabrics in a quilt, there is planned randomness provided in the pattern to guide fabric placement if desired. The neutral tones in this 68-1/2 x 76-1/2” throw will complement many styles of decor and please the men in your life!

I was very pleased with the result!

Classic Chic is a classic style updated in popular, flexible neutrals.

This 23-3/4” x 45” table runner is also recolored in the warm palette of the Neutral Love II collection.



Hope one or more of these lovely designs will appeal to you!

4 responses to “Love Links and Neutral Love II Patterns Revisited”

  1. Charlie DiSante Says:
    03/03/2014 1:45 pm

    I like the brighter quilt but am a little intimidated by the negative space because I’d have to quilt it! :-)

  2. Ann Says:
    03/04/2014 7:37 am

    Charlie, Hmmm…. it would probably be a quilt that would look great quilted with straight lines following the diagonal design. I have seen some terrific looking quilts with repeated straight lines, either spaced equally apart or randomly placed. Those are pretty easy to do.

  3. Rhonda Says:
    04/19/2014 1:55 pm

    I love this quilt but am not a yellow fan. Can I just buy the quilt pattern?

    • Ann Says:
      04/28/2014 7:56 am

      Rhonda, I am sorry but the pattern alone is not available at this time.


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