Leaving Connecting Threads…moving back to New York!

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It is with a heavy heart and bittersweet sentiment that I say goodbye.  Goodbye to Connecting Threads, my coworkers turned family, and to all of you!  I have made the decision to move back to New York.  My time at CT has been amazing and the most invaluable experience of my career.  CT and all of you have helped put my face and name to all the art I create and helped in making me feel honored to have all the recognition you’ve bestowed upon me!  It means so much to me that I’ve pleased so many of you with the designs I’ve created, that my inspirations have inspired you!  We have grown together in the four and a half years that I’ve been here and it’s truly been a wonderful and profound experience.

I’ve said many times that this has been the best job I’ve ever had and that is absolutely true!  I’m so proud to have been a part of such a wonderful company and group of individuals!  That being said, I have missed New York the entire time I’ve lived here.  If only I could have my job at CT and my life in NYC, I would be the happiest girl in the world.  But unfortunately that’s not the case and it has taken me a long time to come to this decision.  I will still be involved designing fabric collections as well as embroidery designs in the future, so I won’t be completely gone.  You’ve all grown to mean so much to me, it really means a lot to stay in touch and connected somehow.

I’m not quite sure what the future in New York will hold for me, but I do know that I’ll always be involved in making textile designs, as that is my true passion.   I do know New York has my heart and it’s been pulling me back year after year.  So instead of ignoring the pull, I’ve decided to fully embrace it and to live in the now!  Life is too short for regrets and “what ifs”, I have to stop waiting for happiness to come and find me, but rather go out and find it myself!

Thank you for all your kind words over the years and your devotion to CT.  I am so proud to have been part of this wonderfully, talented group of colleagues and community of crafters and creators, you certainly are all in my heart!

The most constant thing in life is change itself and so it’s time for another chapter to begin.

Lots of love,

Jenni Calo

Here are some fun moments I’ve shared with my work family over the years!


Here’s my team displaying their wonderful pillows after completing a pillow challenge.  My dear friend Mari Martin made me a selvage pillow using selvages from many of my collections.  I was beyond touched when I received this.  I will treasure it forever!


This is a fun outtake of a group work photo, I love everyone’s expression, and strangely enough, I have the most serious face, ha ha!  But this just goes to show you what a fun group of ladies I’m surrounded by.  Each of these ladies have made a huge impact on me and their friendships will be treasured forever.


At a going away, after work gathering, with my beloved supervisor Teri, the funniest, kindest boss I’ve ever had the pleasure of working under.

hula hooping

During Wellness recess I got to enjoy having fun with my friends, hula hooping in the sunshine.  Ahh…good times!!

photo 3

This photo was taken when acquiring boxes for my move, I wanted to see if I could fit in it, and sure enough I could. But I’ll add, although I’m smiling large, a little bit of my heart is broken and really sad to leave.

My time at CT will forever be in my heart!  I love Connecting Threads!!


30 responses to “Leaving Connecting Threads…moving back to New York!”

  1. Diana Says:
    04/16/2014 8:33 am

    Oh dear – this is a significant loss for the company. Every six weeks I park myself in front of my computer to drool over the latest fabric and design creations CT has to offer and I can tell you that your work, Jenni, is a marvel. What a talented woman!! You will be greatly missed. Best of luck in the Big Apple – I am sure the future will hold many exciting opportunities for you. Life is a journey………..all the best………regards, Diana

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 8:48 am

      Aww! Diana, what a touching comment. I’m overwhelmed by your kind words. Thank you!

  2. Jenna Says:
    04/16/2014 9:08 am

    what a nice post Jenni. I sure will miss you!

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 9:09 am

      I’ll miss you too Jenna! You’re such a kind soul!!

  3. Ann Says:
    04/16/2014 9:13 am

    Jenni, I am going to miss you so much! Your sweetness, sense of humor and huge talent have added so much to our CT team. When I first heard you were leaving, I was upset because your fabric designs are central to what we do at CT. Now I am sad because the time has come for you to leave. Thanks for all your lovely designs with which I have been privileged to work. I wish you all the best in your new adventure!

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 9:15 am

      Ann, that is so very sweet of you to say. I am going to miss you too! I’m sitting at my desk with a tissue in my hand, so touched by the loving words. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed designing with my collections, and I’ve loved seeing your lovely quilts and kits made from them. Thank you!

  4. Anne L. Says:
    04/16/2014 9:35 am

    I’m so sad to hear that you’re leaving. I have loved everything you’ve designed for CT, especially the embroidery patterns. Good luck in NYC!

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 9:41 am

      Thank you so much Ann. That means so much to me! I will still offer my embroidery designs, but now as and IDP designer. I already have a few slated for next year to go along with some of my collections. I will still be designing a few collections through the year for CT, so I’m not totally gone!

  5. Amanda Best Says:
    04/16/2014 9:40 am

    Oh dear, I too, am so sad that you are leaving, your fabric designs are fabulous, and I always love seeing what you are going to make next and what inspired you!
    I wish you the absolute best of luck in New York!!!
    You are a treasure! Thanks for everything!

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 9:42 am

      Amanda you are so sweet! I always appreciate your appreciation! Thank you!

  6. Katrina Says:
    04/16/2014 10:18 am

    Have to admit, I’m a little teary-eyed after reading this and seeing those pictures! I already miss you, but I’m positive the rest of the CT gang will be so sad to see you go. Best of luck to you Jenni! I hope you and Pasquale have an amazing trip and so much fun once you get there.

    • Laraine Says:
      04/16/2014 1:57 pm

      aaaahhhhh! sniffle, sniffle. I’m missing you too!

  7. Stephanie Dunphy Says:
    04/16/2014 10:31 am

    You are totally correct about life being too short. I do hope somehow to stay in touch with your textile career…perhaps a blog of your own? I’ve enjoyed your thoughtful, creative and gorgeous designs these last few years. Wishing you a super fulfilling future.

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 10:43 am

      Thank you Stephanie! I would also love to stay in touch. At some point a blog and even my own website is necessary, I just have to make that happen. Thank you always for your kind words and support.

  8. Jenni Says:
    04/16/2014 10:40 am

    I miss you too Katrina! Thank you!!

  9. Laraine Says:
    04/16/2014 1:54 pm

    It’s a good thing I went and bought some more kleenex! I’m glad you are following your heart and I know it will be a good move for you…but I’m still sad at heart and will miss you bunches.

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 2:43 pm

      Laraine, I’m going to miss you so much too! I really love you ladies!!!

  10. Linda Froggie Says:
    04/16/2014 2:17 pm

    Oh Jenni, you will be so happy moving back home! Let us know what you are up to. Good luck in whatever you do!
    ~Hopppy Quilting~

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 2:46 pm

      Thank you Linda, I will most definitely stay in touch!

  11. Karen Morrell Johnson Says:
    04/16/2014 3:23 pm

    Oh Jenni, best of wishes on your new adventure. I admire you for following your heart. I loved working with you and will stay connected via facebook! Safe travels!

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 3:34 pm

      Hi Karen! I enjoyed working with you too, if only it had been longer! Thank you so much!

  12. Teri Says:
    04/16/2014 3:36 pm

    :( My denial bubble is starting to burst….. Hopefully no one will be injured when it finally goes!

    • Jenni Says:
      04/16/2014 3:37 pm


  13. Hilary Frye Says:
    04/16/2014 4:51 pm


    I’m sad, but also very excited for you! I hope you continue to post on Instagram! I love seeing all your inspiring photos! Best of Luck to you in your new adventures in NY!



    • Jenni Says:
      04/17/2014 7:48 am

      Hi Hilary, Thank you! I will absolutely still Instagram…I’m just a little bit obsessed:)

  14. Shannon Says:
    04/16/2014 6:22 pm

    oh my gosh what a shock! i have loved your designs and will miss your sense of color. a big cross country move will be a change…esp the winters LOL…but best wishes and much happiness…

    • Jenni Says:
      04/17/2014 7:49 am

      Thank you Shannon, that’s very sweet! Yes, it still seems to be winter there now…ack! I’m hoping for a very long and hot summer…that I can deal much better with:).

  15. Mari Says:
    04/18/2014 6:50 am

    Jenni, you are gone now (kinda), but it is my prayer that everything in your future will be love, kindness and success. Your work has been a joy to create with and I look forward to what you will come up with in this next chapter of your life. Many, many blessings to you and much joy in this journey called life!

    • Jenni Says:
      04/22/2014 9:15 pm

      You are so sweet and so wonderful! I miss you dearly! XO


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