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Have you played around with our Kit Builder tool yet? This month we added four new patterns, including three from one of my favorite independent designers, Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek. I have been having loads of fun coloring her Two Block Hop pattern. This is what I came up with in Winter Fun fabrics:

I love it! The reason I am writing this though is to tell you about our Kit Builder Contest that starts today. We want to see what cool designs you can come up with, so we’re giving away three Connecting Threads Gift Certificates as prizes! The contest details can be found here (make sure you allow pop-ups on that page). Go start creating!

27 responses to “Kit Builder Contest!”

  1. Peggy Stuart Says:
    02/02/2011 3:49 pm

    How can I enter the contest? When I go to use the Kit Builder I get a message that says I need Flash. My computer is an iPad and I can’t have Flash on it. Looks like a fun activity!

  2. Barb Colvin Says:
    02/02/2011 5:35 pm

    I just spent way too much time building kits 8-0 Definitely addictive and so much fun!

  3. Cecilia Says:
    02/02/2011 6:45 pm

    I just used the Kit Builder and it was a lot of fun. Here is the quilt I came up with.

  4. Melissa Says:
    02/03/2011 7:41 am

    Those designs are all so fun! Thanks for sharing. I hope you all hit the “submit” button in Kit Builder and entered the contest.
    Peggy, sorry but the Kit Builder application is built with Flash–there’s no way around that.

  5. rebecca Says:
    02/03/2011 11:46 am

    went to website after receiving email notice. built a kit then saved it (have played before but never saved)…but had to log in order to save. although it says my quilt design was saved, i can’t figure out how to see it again. i did hit the submit button after getting back into the pattern builder (basket quilt). hope you don’t receive the original sample?! how would i view the kit i saved? how do i know if the submit button submitted my kit?! thanks!

  6. Lisa Says:
    02/03/2011 7:42 pm

    I’m having a little difficulty figuring out what to do for the contest. I designed a quilt, I seem to have lost it….so here goes again! :-)

  7. Marge Prewitt Says:
    02/03/2011 9:55 pm

    What fun it is to play with the Kit Builder. I have saved several but the one I will enter for the contest is
    this link
    I sure hope this is the way to enter as I never saw anywhere to “submit my design” – am I missing something? If so, please advise. Thanks!

  8. Marge Prewitt Says:
    02/03/2011 9:59 pm

    Duh! I just went back in to the Kit Builder and found the “Submit my Design” button. If it would have been a snake it would have bit me! A window came up and said that it was rec’d so that is enough for me. Thanks for having such a fun contest. Off to play some more in the kit builder section.

  9. Melissa Says:
    02/04/2011 7:36 am

    Hi Ladies,
    Here are some tips on saving designs and re-loading them. First, you need to log in to your Connecting Threads customer account on the web site. Once logged in, you can save your design by clicking the “Save” button on the right. To go back to a saved design later, just choose any Kit Builder pattern to get into the program, then click the “Load Saved Design” button (just below the “Save” button. It will take you to all of your saved designs. Make sure you have the design you want to submit loaded on the screen before hitting the “Submit” button. Hope that helps!

  10. Melissa Says:
    02/04/2011 8:50 am

    No limit! Since it’s a judged competition (rather than a drawing), you can enter as many times as you want!

  11. louise raymond Says:
    02/04/2011 3:50 pm

    hi all this is what i came up with for the build a kit contest the table runner i used batiks . i need some thing for spring .

  12. louise raymond Says:
    02/04/2011 4:11 pm

    try this again see if it works

  13. ginger Says:
    02/05/2011 8:50 am

    This one is “Spring is Coming”. Lord knows we all hope that is true sooner than later, considering the stormy weather we’ve been having lately.

  14. ginger Says:
    02/05/2011 8:58 am

    I’d like to play with the Hen & Chicks Table Runner, but I wanted to make each Hen & Chick block different colors. Does anyone know if there is a way I can get the program to let me do that?

  15. ginger Says:
    02/05/2011 9:09 am

    OK, here’s my last submission for the time being. I seriously need to get some real work done.
    Seems like brown and turquoise combinations are in lately, both in quilt shops and clothing shops. In fact, they are the two logo colors of the company I work for, Dove Chocolate Discoveries. So this is my “Mmmcoco” quilt.

  16. Stephanie Says:
    02/07/2011 3:54 pm

    I have submitted two entries, but for some reason I can’t get them to show up! Sorry!

  17. Robbin Neff Says:
    02/13/2011 9:31 am

    I am very interested in playing with designing kits. When I click on the link, it takes me to a “Kit Builder Kits” site, which is patterns for sale at $1.99, or for free. There are no details to the contest, and no instructions on where I can design anything. Clicking on the “Kit Builder” begin here button, takes me to the same page I just was on. How do I proceed?

  18. Robbin Neff Says:
    02/13/2011 10:45 am

    I got it! What fun. It is addictive.


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