It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I’m starting to get into the Christmas spirit and I finished my first Christmas project of the year. It’s the Celebrate Runner from the Runners, Etc. book which obviously I love since I reviewed it! I made it in the Wrap It Up! Collection and my son Tyler and I did a photoshoot with it 🙂 I know it’s a little sick and wrong to be singing Christmas Carols in August but I loves me some Christmas decorations and they put me in a great mood! I was also happy to discover that I could figure out a way to make this a Quilt As You Go project. I love a good puzzle and that’s kind of what Quilt As You Go is to me. On a sad note – I need a moment to whine. Poor Jada Janome has to go to the Dr’s today. She’s having bobbin issues and my DH is taking her in for me. I had a moment of panic though when I realized I didn’t have a sewing machine to sew on. I had lent out Gemma Gem Gold to Kelley from work who has been flirting with learning to sew. I had my Strip to the Beach Tote all cut out and ready to go and nothing to sew on. I had quite a moment I’ll tell you and was slow to recover. I mean the baby was sleeping and everything. I almost had to clean house… horrors! I quickly recovered my senses though and cut out binding and finished knitting a hat instead, it was close though.