It’s voting time!

The submissions to our Fabric Design Contest are in, so it’s time to go vote for your favorites! If you’ve submitted designs, send the link to all your family and friends and get the word out!

The best part about voting is that you can vote for as many designs as you want. This is great for me because I can’t pick a favorite, or even a top ten. We had hundreds of amazing entries! I’m really blown away by all the talent out there. In fact, we had so many entries, we had to break them up by category, just to make browsing them manageable.

We had a bunch of super-cute character and animal print entries…

…a ton of absolutely breathtaking floral and botanical prints…

…some amazing geometrics, paisleys, and ornate prints…

…and some irresistible novelty prints…

To vote, all you have to do is click on the vote button below each image on the voting page. The first time you vote, you’ll be asked to put your email address in. This is so we can make sure a design isn’t being voted on multiple times by the same person (no cheating!). Once you do that, all your subsequent votes on other designs will be simple clicks. So head on over and get voting! Vote now >>


  1. Dorothy I. Dishman - August 17, 2011

    What a wonderful collection of new designs…did you ever guess that many entries would show up? I loved looking at all of them and am anxious to see which ones win. Great idea.

  2. Carmen Muniz - August 21, 2011

    I love the Jungle fabric collection.I love to make kids quilts and love the earth designs,plants,leaves,grass,etc; that show them how important is our earth.Also at the same time they take care of it.Thanks you.