Great batik books – on sale now!

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You may have noticed in our latest email that we have some great batik books on sale. In the past, we used to show you a few books that we enjoyed, but they didn’t neccessarily coincide with the collection being featured in the email. Going forward, we have changed the way we do things a little bit. In every collection email, we will be featuring a book, or several books, that our staff has hand-selected as being great for the collection. We feel that this will create a more meaningful experience for you, and you can trust that the books you are buying are just right for your needs.

This week’s email features our new, limited edition summer batiks. *Swoon*. The books we selected for the email are a great mix of our staff’s go-to batik resources. Even better, all of the books featured in this week’s email are 40% off now through May 16th.

The first book, Nature’s Beauty in Applique, offers some incredible projects that were inspired by the author’s stay in England. The table runners, placemats, and other fun projects use batik fabrics wonderfully, and really show off how batiks can make a project pop. Just look at this amazing wall hanging!

Next up, we selected Midnight Quilts. This book is amazing for its use of batiks with black, or other dark colored backgrounds. There is a project for everyone in this book and we know you will like what you see. Here’s one of our favorite patterns…

The next book we selected was Brenda Henning’s Strip Therapy 8. We are all big fans of Brenda’s Strip Therapy books, and we can rely on them for great inspiration. This latest release in the series has soem incredible batik projects that got all of our eyes excited. Check out this gorgeous quilt…

And last but not least, we selected Adventures in Design. This book shows all of the fun ways you can use batiks. Whether you are an art quilter, or more traditional, this book has a little something for everyone. Joen pushes the limits and shows you some of the incredible ways you can use batiks for creating true masterpieces. We particularly love this project…

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about our selections as much as we enjoyed picking them. Don’t forget, all of these books are 40% off now through Wednesday, May 16th. 

What are some other batik quilting books you love?

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