Gifty Galore 2011: Beehive Picture Frame Pattern Download

I’ve made a lot of picture frames in the past but none as cute as this Beehive Picture Frame. What a great idea ~ a picture frame in the shape of a bee skep and made out of our Love My Honey fabric! Perfect for your busy little bee at home whether it “bee” child or pup!

I was lucky enough to make the sample for the catalog and it was VERY quick and easy. It’s also very doable to make more than one in a day. I used the Love My Honey fabric collection for the sample. I experienced no “hang-ups” in the process except for how to tie off the ribbon. Being the visual learner that I am I needed an additional diagram and awesome Sue added not one, but two!

The Beehive Picture Frame will bee lovely for displaying any child’s photo.  Enjoy!


  1. Jennifer Gail - October 23, 2011

    I would love this book.

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