Gifty Galore – New Project, week 2

Consider a gift that requires no sewing! Hand dyed fabrics that you dyed yourself are great for gifts!

I was so excited when I saw Frieda Anderson’s book, Fabric to Dye For, on Karen’s desk for Gifty Galore.

Last fall I took a workshop from Frieda, herself, when she came to Vancouver for our local quilt guild, Clark County Quilters.

Want some real excitement? Try dyeing with 30+ quilters. We sliced, and quartered 9 yards of PFD (Prepare for Dye) Cotton Fabrics. Frieda taught us how to take 3 primary colors plus black (Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dyes) to produce a rainbow of fabric

Frieda’s formulas were simple, and dyeing with a friend (we worked in pairs) kept us organized with most of the dyes going to the right places.

Dyeing is a little messy, but so much fun! I’m really pleased with how nicely the colors turned out. These photos don’t even do it justice, they are much brighter in person! Visit Frieda’s website and blog, to see what she has done with dyed fabrics,