Bee Skep Pattern

The Beehive Picture Frame was a fast one to sew up for a quick gift.  It is written in very straight forward, easy to follow instructions and is a wonderful addition to any child’s room.  What a cute design!  It can be used as a gift alone or a wonderful addition to a baby or child’s gift package. It would be very easy to make a couple of these in an afternoon! 

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  1. Jenni - September 29, 2011

    I just want everyone to know, this is my pup…Pasquale. And I did not torture him by putting him in this costume:) It’s the only time I’ve ever dressed him up and it was years ago, and it only lasted 15 minutes! It just so happened this was the perfect photo for me to use in the frame while I was shooting for the catalog! Just so everyone knows the history…ha ha ha!!!