I have worked at Connecting Threads since August of 1995 - I started when I was really young :). Over the years I've had many jobs and many titles (some official some not) but I love the one I have now most, Director of Connecting Threads. This allows me to be involved in all aspects of quilting which it really fun (it's not because I'm really bossy).

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    Winners of the Variegated Thread Sets!

    Thank you to everyone who entered our Variegated Thread Giveaway! As always, it was a pleasure to read all of your responses and thoughtful comments. We definitely appreciate all of the feedback regarding our thread colors. If you aren't a winner, you can still get your hands on our variegated thread.

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    Neutral Love II + Vintage Quilt Revival = Pillow Love

    When we received the samples for our Neutral Love II collection I knew right away I had to have one if not several things made out of it. When I was reviewing the book Vintage Quilt Revival I thought exactly the same thing so I thought why not put them together and see what comes of it. Somebody did that with peanut butter and chocolate and look at how much better the world is now!

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    Winners Announced for Vintage Quilt Revival

    Thank you to everyone who entered our Vintage Quilt Revival giveaway! It was very interesting to read all of your wonderful comments and to see who or what in your lives inspire you to quilt. I want to remind you that if you aren’t a winner, you can still pick up a copy of the book at 40% off right now thanks to our book sale. Using a random number generator, we have selected our two winners. Comment #39 (and ...

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    A Book Review and Giveaway: Vintage Quilt Revival

    I love the concept behind the Vintage Quilt Revival book as well as the book itself. The three women who wrote this book all come from different places but are all connected through quilting. That in a nutshell is how a lot of us quilters came together; while we may not have anything else in common, including the quilts we choose to create, we all still have a love of quilts and quilting that unites us.

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    Modern Mary Jane Bag in Canvas

    Ok, I admit that I was a little nervous about sewing with canvas. I have never sewn with anything but flannel and flat cotton, well except that one time I tried to hem my jeans… let’s just say that’s a topic best left alone. The bright cheeriness of the Fiesta canvas over took my fear so I decided to give it a try.

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    Snow Flakes Mini Runner

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Snow Flakes Mini Runner! It is absolutely adorable. First, of course, I love snowmen; second, it’s mini– who doesn’t love mini?; and third, it was quick and easy. What a trifecta. This was super simple to make, no matching and the embroidery is primitive so it shouldn’t be perfect. It was fun to make all the different expressions with embroidery and different size and type of buttons ...

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    Abundance Table Runner

    The Abundance Table Runner was a fun pattern to sew; of course I loved it because it’s Quilt As You Go. I love the fact that once I’m done sewing I can just bind it and be done.

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