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Recent Posts by Hayley

    Stains and Spiders: A Product Review

    Judy is our resident merchandising manager and storyteller, two roles she frequently combines with great effect. At our last meeting, she shared a story that was both a product review and a hilarious personal anecdote that left us rolling. This is her story. The Set-Up:  My husband was in the bathroom putting some greasy ointment on our dog’s ear. I was going to bed. As I pulled back the covers before climbing in, a BIG, black, thick-legged, sturdy-looking spider took off running ...

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    Introducing: Hayley!

    As the newest addition to the Connecting Threads team, I am tasked with introducing myself to you. So, first things first: Hello! I’m Hayley, the new marketing coordinator for Connecting Threads. My role is a mix of traffic control and helping us communicate with you. I’ll be the one ensuring our plans get set into motion and go smoothly. You can also ...

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